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RUBuildin is a simple extension to Visual Studio that allows you to get notified when VS finishes building so you can return from your surfing session.

A bit more background

I'm an impatient person and on big Visual Studio projects my mind tends to drift when the build exceeds 10 sec. So, I go to another project, browse on the internet or something else.

Then I go back 30 sec later to see if it's done and imagine, possible the build was completed 15 seconds after I started, that means I lost 15 seconds of valuable time (yes I know this is a huge problem, amazing that scientists haven't already dedicated all resources to this)! Or propose the other way around, I go back to VS to early, the build still executing, context switching lost me another 5 sec. Darn!

Well with RUBuildin this extremely time consuming issue is resolved!

When building in VS a friendly bubble window will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen until the build finishes, telling you that the build is still executing.

Future features

  • Customizable popup look
  • Option to automatically switch to VS when build finishes
  • Switch to VS when clicking popup window
  • RUTestin option to get a popup as long as the test runner is active
  • Build time count so you can see which bits of the build are slow

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